Rules and Privacy Policy

Content and responsibilities: All images, information and video on Bookoria are property of their respective owners… who agreed to send us such material to add it to our site. In each submission form on our site there is a disclaimer, it raises Bookoria from any liability and is located before the “Submit” button. Bookoria just publishes on its site, promotes and shares the aforementioned contents sent through the previously mentioned forms. That’s all.

Copyright: although Bookoria doesn’t publish original material on its website sent through the forms/modules, but only the contents sent by the authors or their agents… it is absolutely forbidden to send: classified material, covered by copyright, in any way protected or of which you do not own the copyright. If this issue will happen, the person who sent such material to our site will be responsible of all the legal issues, keeping Bookoria safe in case of any claims for damages by injured third parties. Moreover, the material will be removed. In case the same content which infringes copyright is present on third party websites (youtube, covers or texts published by the authors, etc), Bookoria will not be responsible for the sharing of such material. Our site in any case offers the possibility to request removal of the content and invite you to contact the external resource/source that originally created and published such material.

Content removal: You can request to our site to remove any material through this form.
If an author or else infringes our site rules, all material posted by this person will be removed.

Submitting content: All content sent through the forms/modules is moderated. This means that to send a form does not ensure the content publishing on Bookoria. Caution: the material sent through the forms isn’t edited, aka no grammar correction. Please, we invite each author to pay attention to grammar and check the contents before submitting.

Privacy: Bookoria does not request or disclose any personal information, but only the content submitted in each form/module, this material is usually public information related to books and authors to be promote their works at the best. Each time that a form will be sent, the e-mail request (obligatory) will be not published. Although, that same email is archived every time, so that it can be used in case our site should contact the person who submitted the content (example: wrong infos, contest winning, collaboration etc), or because that person has violated the regulation of our website or copyrights. In such case, the email will be sent to the authorities and our site will not be responsible of any violation.

Important: Bookoria reserves the right to change and update these rules at any time.